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Applying for Marriage License:

- There is no residency requirement in Connecticut; both bride and groom may live elsewhere
- The marriage license may be obtained in one of the couple's towns of residence or in the town where the marriage will take place
- Both the prospective bride and groom must apply for the license in person but not necessarily together (separate filing prolongs the process) Must present documentations: valid driver's license or a utility bill, proving residency
- The application asks for your name, age, race birthplace residence and marital status. You must swear that the information is true
- The license application fee is $30 (fees may vary per town) - The license will be issued immediately after all requirements have been met
- The bride, groom and the Town Clerk, who also stamps it with a raised seal, must sign it
- Marriage ceremony must be performed within 65 days of the date of issue of the marriage license

Law Changes:

- Blood Tests: As of October 1, 2003, blood test is no longer required in CT
- Same Sex Marriages: As of November 12, 2008 any couple regardless of gender can marry in CT provided they meet the requirements

Age Requirement:

- 18 years or older may marry without parental consent; a birth certificate may be necessary to show proof of age
- 18 years and younger, a parent must consent to the marriage by signing the back of the license
- 16 years old and younger, a Probate Judge must also endorse the consent

Getting Married:

- All Connecticut Justices of the Peace may perform marriages anywhere in the State
- Connecticut does not require any witnesses to the marriage
- If previously married, the date of divorce or date of spouse's death must be provided with proof of evidence
- The Justice of the Peace is responsible for indicating (in black ink) the time and place of the marriage on the license and returning it to the Town Clerk where the marriage took place
- You can request a copy of the completed marriage license from the Town Clerk's office (fees may vary per town)

Changing Your Name:

- The certificate will serve as evidence of your marriage, which you'll need when changing your name with banks, employers, social security, credit cards, department of motor vehicle, etc

Town Halls:
* Norwalk   * Bridgeport   * Danbury     * Fairfield   * Greenwich    * Stamford    * Trumbull     * Westport  * Wilton   

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